• Thank you for your guidance whenever my team or I have had any issues; calm, helpful and always making difficult situations a little easier.

  • You have always dealt with such matters in your stride and with a complete understanding of the commercial awareness that sits around these matters

  • The [client's] recent new instruction is a testament to the dextrous way that you handled the claim and mediation with them.

  • Thank you for all your support …. The voice of reason and calm when things might not always have been going so well for me/the team.

  • I have very much valued your help, professionalism, intellect and wisdom at difficult times

  • You have always been an absolute pleasure to deal with, even if one tends to be in the poo at the time

  • I have really appreciated your help in dealing with the client issues that have arisen

  • It has always been a pleasure working with you and I have welcomed your wise guidance on many occasions.

  • Thanks for your support on the "difficult" matters we have had to deal with!


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