The solicitors practice of F Mike Willis Ltd has closed (From November 1st 2018) and this website has been now been rebranded. You can also reach us at


F Mike Willis Ltd Consultants

Professionals with problems? … Or problems with professionals?

We help professional businesses or their clients to resolve their professional indemnity, regulatory, contractual or reputational problems. more> heading

A consultancy, not a law firm

We are an unregulated advisory service, bringing 30 years' experience of governance and strategic issues; making or defending claims; and finding pathways for resolving, bridging or forecasting breakdowns between firms and clients, insurers, staff, or other stakeholders.

I can help you with critical decisions like:
  • What are the merits and value of the peril against me?
  • What’s the value of the claim opportunity by me?
  • Should I sue on a bad debt – or am I vulnerable to disproportionate retaliation?
  • How toxic is the claims profile of the business I want to deal with?
  • How do I manage our conflicts of interest?
  • How do I deal with an exposure that is under-insured or not insured/able?
  • Do Insurers in fact have to be told, and how should I treat with them once they have been told – especially if I’m uneasy about what they’re doing, or the terms of my cover?
  • What and how do I tell our professional regulator?
  • What and how do I tell Partners, investors, bank, staff or other stakeholders?
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