Telling Tales October 2018

Sometimes the most difficult cases can arise as aftermath consequences of a close-down of a firm or team, usually preceded by several months of mis-managed risks, staff disengagements, and financial knife-edges. The coercive forces of cost, market contraction or personnel issues can often drive a business to fold in disarray, leaving a trail for others to pick up and escalated personal financial risks for its owners. Endings are always better when foreseen, self-managed, and with a coherent exit plan, before the going gets too tough. Better still if there is either some continuity, or the business is transferred to others. After four years serving clients as a regulated practice, I have decided not to stop, but rather to focus my business on the areas for which I can continue to give best value and discontinue its legal practice functions. For any who require a look-back, I have the protections of organised records and AA-rated run-off cover; and marching forward, I remain on call to help anyone who wants the benefit of what I know, delivered with attendant disciplines, but transparently on terms that I shan’t be insured, or regulated.

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