Strategic Advice

Understanding of a problem by tracking the story back to discern its issues, causes, consequences and values is a key skill to any decision on how best to tackle a challenge. Then the next part is to reverse the telescope to look forward and set goals, by identifying or anticipating the factors which are most likely to impact most – and least – beneficially.

These skills rarely come without practice; and Mike has had a lot of practice.

Loss of chance

The consequence of a bad decision, service or action is often hard to identify, and then to measure. Often it will amount to a lost opportunity to win or achieve a better outcome, which must then be evaluated to assess the true value of the resulting damage. It’s rarely exact science, and invariably controversial. Mike has practice.

Multiple Claims

Many problems facing professionals, or their clients, when things go wrong generate different interests or agendas for different people. Often, they are conflicting, and only reconcilable through compromise rather than total defeat or victory; but many will be similar or parallel and it will be equally vital to identify friends as well as opponents. Mike has practice.


Third party claim exposures are hazards of any professional occupation. Many, but not all, are insured or insurable and therefore transferable to an insurer to sort out. Mike’s experience of the insurance industry equips him to recognise and distinguish coverage obstacles or issues, commercial sensitivities and risks; and formulate notifications and presentations of a story, case or claim to best – or least worst – advantage.

Regulatory & Disciplinary

Regulators always have their own agenda, and it rarely coincides with the expectations or perceived interests of those they are regulating. Understanding these differences, which are sometimes analytical, sometimes cultural, and often methodological is always critical to reaching optimum outcomes; and Mike has practice.


Dishonest, fraudulent or unethical conduct is often easy to suspect but hard to prove. Assemblage and management of evidence is invariably an urgent challenge at the outset of any discovery or suspicion. Mike has practice.

Internal Differences

All professional businesses involve teams and combinations of people who depend on their trust of and between each other. When trust breaks down, it has to be rebuilt - or dismantled objectively and preferably collaboratively. Mike has practice.

Risk Mitigations

Once identified, every risk requires understanding and action to limit or forfend its damage; and Mike has practice.

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